Siberian Larch

UAB Wood Market uses Siberian Larch wood for its main production. The properties of Siberian Larch ensure the longevity and durability of our products. Moreover, the products made of Siberian Larch are resistant to weather and climate changes, water, and pests.

Logs of Larch

Due to the inclement weather conditions, the Siberian Larch grows very slowly. Slow growing conditions such structure qualities of larch as narrow tree rings and thick structure. As a result, the Siberian Larch is extremely hard. Equal resin distribution between tree fibres protects the tree from humidity and pests.

Double Cutting Larch Wood

Due to its structure, the tree preserves all properties of high quality wood when the time passes by. It remains hard and does not rot. Furthermore, it remains resistant to water, changing weather conditions and pests.

Single Cutting Larch Wood